At any given time the user has the possibility to check the personal library account. In order to check the library account one has to click on ACCOUNT in the blue highlighted menu in the upper right part of the screen. Afterwards one enters the Library number and the Password. The password is the birth date as follows: day month year, e.g. 4th May 1980 = 040580.

The library account offers the following services:

  • The possibility to check due dates.

  • In general the lending period can be extended twice. In order to renew due dates one has to click on the grey EXTEND button. The lending period will be extended for 30 days counting from the day of the renewal.

  • A list of reserved documents.

  • Saving a record of all documents ever borrowed. In order to activate this service one has to click "save history". From then on a list of all material borrowed will be saved.

  • Deleting the record of borrowed material. In order to deactivate this service one has to click "delete history". Once the history is deleted the old list can not be recovered again

  • Changing the password to access the library account.