The search result is displayed in the left frame of the screen and includes the total number of hits and the short title entries. By clicking on a title the complete record of the chosen entry is shown in the right frame of the screen.

The entry includes the complete bibliographical data about the document and immediately allows conducting a search for documents which contain the same data, e.g. author, subject heading. By simply clicking on one of the words highlighted in blue one can retrieve all documents which are linked to this word.

In the "copies" area the number of copies which are held by the library is shown (each line represents a copy). Furthermore the exact location of the copy within the library (Location and Shelfmark) and its availability (Status) are indicated

Meanings of the single terms and codes:

Library BZ = Bolzano/Bozen
Library BX = Bressanone/Brixen
Library BN = Brunico/Bruneck
Library of Theology = Seminario Bressanone/Priesterseminar Brixen

Library BZ
11 Storage room Magazin Magazzino
13 Lending stock Ausleihbestand Opere ammesse al prestito
14 Reference library Präsenzbestand Opere di consultazione
15 Textbooks collection Lehrbuchsammlung Libri di testo
16 Media library Medienschrank Mediateca
17 Office Büro Ufficio

Library BX
21 Storage room Magazin Magazzino
23 Lending stock Ausleihbestand Opere ammesse al prestito
24 Reference library Präsenzbestand Opere di consultazione
26 Media library Medienschrank Mediateca
27 Office Büro Ufficio

Library BN
33 Lending stock Ausleihbestand Opere ammesse al prestito
34 Reference library Präsenzbestand Opere di consultazione
35 Textbooks Lehrbuchsammlung Libri di testo

Library of Theology
Barock Baroque Library Barockbibliothek Biblioteca storica
Büro Office Büro Ufficio
EG Ground floor Erdgeschoß Pianterreno
Komp Compact room Kompaktanlage Compact storage
Konf Conference room Konferenzzimmer Sala conferenze
Les 1 Reading room 1 Lesesaal 1 Sala di lettura 1
Les 1 Gal Reading room 1 gallery Lesesaal 1 Galerie Sala di lettura 1 Galleria
Les 2 Reading room 2 Lesesaal 2 Sala di lettura 2
Les 3 Reading room 3 Lesesaal 3 Sala di lettura 3
Mag Storage room Magazin Deposito
ZG Mezzanine Zwischengeschoß Mezzanino

Available Verfügbar Disponibile
Borrowed Entliehen In prestito
Can't be borrowed Präsenzbestand Opere di consultazione
Ordered Bestellt Ordinato
Out of print Vergriffen Fuori commercio
Reserved Vorgemerkt Prenotato
Sent to bindery Beim Buchbinder Da rilegare
On reserve
  • Semesterapparat: das Buch steht während des Semesters nur zur Präsenzbenutzung zur Verfügung
  • Bibliografia selezionata dei corsi: durante il semestre il libro può essere consultato esclusivamente in Biblioteca
At disposal
  • Handapparat einzelner Professoren: die Bücher können nach Absprache benutzt werden
  • A disposizione dei professori. Il libro può essere consultato solo dopo essersi accordati con il docente