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The catalogue of the library lists the complete holdings (books, journals and non-book-material) of the University Library and the partner libraries.

Searching the library catalogue enables to retrieve and locate documents which are part of the library holdings. The catalogue can either be searched for formal criteria (such as author, title, ISBN, etc.) or for a given subject.
In order to conduct a search one has to enter the known data into a search field and afterwards click on the Search-button.

The catalogue is not case sensitive.

With exception of the title search field it is advisable to avoid entering so called stop words. Stop words are words with high frequency of occurrence - such as articles, prepositions or conjunctions - and which are therefore not searchable. When searching words including apostrophes one should always enter a space after the apostrophe.

When searching words including umlauts the catalogue automatically also conducts a search for the basic letters. This means for example that a search conducted for Mller also searches for Mueller.
This function is valid for the following letters: "" = "oe", "" = "ae", "" = "ae", "" = "oe", "" = "ue".
Another automated mechanism searches for "" = "ss".

If words include diacritical marks they can be omitted.

The symbols "*" and "%" represent placeholders for any number of letters (truncation). This means that when a word root directly followed by the truncation symbol is entered all words which begin with this word root are retrieved, e.g. economi% finds economics, economy, economical, economies etc. Regarding the fields "title" and "author" the truncation automatism is preet.

The "_" symbol represents a placeholder for one single letter and can be used in any search field.